About Delos

I’ve been told for a long time that I’m smarter than I give myself credit for and I have a passion for gaming that should be shared. So at the behest and encouragement of family and friends I’ve started this blog about my hobby of table top gaming.

My name is Delos and I’m a gamer. I live near Wausau, WI along with my super understanding wife and three kids. I’ve been gaming since high school and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

My writing is going to focus on table top RPG’s, board games, and sometimes video games. I’ve been doing all three of these hobbies for decades now and I’m hoping my experience will help gamers still coming into their own.

Lately I’ve found a passion for Dungeon World and Apocalypse World and 13th Age. I grew up on D&D 3.x, moved on to 4e, tried Pathfinder and a couple of other systems like WoD and finally moved my group to DW/AW. While I’ll always have fond memories of my early games, my taste for RPGs has moved to games that are more story driven and less “I move 10 feet north and swing my sword.” Now granted a lot of that is caused by GMs and players, but systems lend themselves to a certain style of play. So I found some systems that lend themselves to story driven action.

If you’d like to message me you can find me at [email protected]

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