Steal This…

At the very beginning of 2014, we introduced a weekly series of posts called Steal This… Each Wednesday, we release a new idea for people to use in their games if they like. Nothing is stat-ed out, so the ideas are system-neutral and are mostly a jump-off point; you are meant to fill in details to help it fit your story. Each Steal This… article gives a quick summary of the content involved, then asks questions to help you flesh it out how you want to. Along the way, there are Aspect Suggestions, which can be used as Aspects if you use the content in your Fate games. But you don’t have to play Fate to get use out of the suggestions. Here at Ramblings…, we believe that descriptive phrases like Aspects are useful no matter what RPG you’re playing. They help you to remember what is truly unique about what it is you are describing. The following is the list of everything we’ve released so far:









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