Sorcerer Archive

by Delos

Iron World, The Mage

Race Nyss “The Nyss live in a world that is cold and cruel. Their magic reflects that. You gain +1 forward when you successfully cast a spell dealing with winter or cold.” Ios “The Ios are masters of the arcane arts and they love to tell everyone about it. You gain +1 ongoing to Spout…

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by Jacob

Sample Origin #2 for My Sorcerer Mage Variant in D&D Next: Fey Heritage

Again, I’m going to jump right in and just give you the samples for my Sorcerer variant. Also, don’t forget to check out the Draconic Heritage origin. Fey Heritage Level Features 1 Persuasive, Ability: Enchanting 2 Base Form: Charming Look 6 Ability: Sleep 12 Improved Form: Woodland Stride 16 Ability: Fey Transportation 18 Superior Form:…

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